Nintendo "Close" to Apple's Level

thisnevergetsold.gif Hey, guess what? That Blue Ocean strategy Nintendo kept spouting worked. The company is behind only Toyota and Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group as the third most valuable Japanese company. Goldman Sachs labelled Nintendo with a "buy" stock rating, and shares rose to an all-time high. According to the Goldman Sachs report:

We believe Nintendo's talent in creating new markets, evident from the launch of the DS and Wii, could bring it close to the level of Apple, whose high valuations are due in large part to its innovative business model.

Close to Apple's level? Wow. That makes two companies who have unseated Sony: Apple with music players and Nintendo with gaming consoles. It's like they're ganging up or something. To recap: Nintendo is rich, its products print money, blah, blah, blah. Nintendo Stocks [Reuters]


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