Nintendo DS To Get Informative Functions, Like TV Guide

brainageadvertnew.jpgThe Wall Street Journal has outlined Satoru Iwata's new strategy for bringing the Nintendo brand even more into the mainstream. And given the success of the DS in this department, Nintendo will be starting with the small but mighty handheld to roll out new functions in Japan next year. According to WSJ, part of the master plan includes:

...a television-programming feature for the Japanese market...[allowing users]to check television listings, run searches by keyword and genre, and highlight each family member's favourite programs.

Apparently this is a function beyond their 1seg tuner offerings. Iwata also points out that the DS is already being tested in some museums and other public places in Japan to provide additional information to users, but for Nintendo to expect us to open the DS to get data at the drop of a hat, it's gotta give us information everywhere. And without functionality like mobile data transfer or GPS, we can't imagine that happening.

But maybe at the DS hardware continues to evolve...who knows? Here's hoping there's more coming than when Japan can catch dubbed reruns of Full House.

Nintendo Sets Game Plan to Keep Players (sub required) [via N4G]


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