Nintendo Has No Plans with Bungie

perrinkaplanwii.jpg While Halo DS wasn't "real," the game wasn't some figment of our imagination. Now that Bungie has freed itself from Microsoft's clutches, the developer must be ready to spread its wings. And since Nintendo of America is so darn close, there's a partnership just waiting to happen, right? Erm, no, says Nintendo's Perrin Kaplan. Her take on a possible relationship with the Halo studio:

We don't have any plans to reach out to them at this juncture. No, Nintendo's got it's hands full... I think it comes down to innovation and creativity. I think they [Bungie]would have to present what it is their idea would be... You know, we love all good innovative companies but we don't have any plans on the table right now with Bungie.

Sure, Perrin's on her way out and all, but right now, no plans. Next year? Who knows! Kaplan Interview [Multiplayer Blog]


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