Nintendo Slowly Realising There Are Twelve Months In A Year

calendar.jpgThere's twelve months in a year. Count em if you want! One two three four five, six seven eight nine ten, eleeeeven twee-eelve. We're all capable of playing games during any of them, and we're all capable of buying games during any of them, but publishers don't know that. They think we only buy games between October and December, and boy does it make life hard. Nintendo are one of the biggest offenders when it comes to crapping on our end-of-year free time, but if you can believe Perrin Kaplan (and hey, she's already checked out, so you may not) they might be coming around:

Sunday is actually a really good launch day of the week for products. And I think we're actually starting to look at the annual calendar differently. The first two quarters of the year tend to be more quiet. But now we've seen some evidence of sales in that period. Other than the holiday quarter, I think the traditional way of viewing it is not necessarily a slam dunk. I think a really good product can be a slam dunk any time of the year.

What a wonderful world that would be. A world where I'd get a new Zelda game on the DS and actually have the time to enjoy it would be swell. Nintendo's Perrin Kaplan [MTV]


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