Nintendo Snatches Software Sales Lead From Sony

hamburglar.jpgYou may have heard that Nintendo is doing alright for themselves lately. They've sold a few Wiis, a handful of Nintendo DS handhelds, given themselves a little walking around money, put a new coat of paint on the headquarters. The company's good news alert comes today from analyst group iSuppli, via Gamasutra, who add up the software sales revenue numbers, putting third quarter sales at $US 1.2 billion for Nintendo, some $US 200 million more than Sony's take.

That change in software sales leadership can be chalked up to stellar Nintendo DS and Wii game sales, combined with a drop in PlayStation 2 software purchases. Unsurprisingly, iSuppli pegs Sony's woes on a lack of PlayStation 3 software and the high price of the console. With no legacy hardware or handheld to help its numbers, Microsoft remains in third place, despite its high software attach rate.

It should come as no surprise to anyone paying attention to sales trends, but an official change in the order of things must be at least somewhat troubling to Sony's games division (and inversely thrilling to UK: Resistance).

iSuppli: Nintendo Leads Console Software Market [Gamasutra]


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