Nintendo Still Not Keen On Wii HDD

wiiback.jpgYou want to play the presumption game when it comes to the Wii's storage space solutions, you're going to get burned. Example: you'd presume Nintendo would be very, very keen on a HDD for the Wii, what with the VC getting bigger and WiiWare due in a few months. But no. NoA PR Manager Eric Walter:

...the way that we look at it is, we really don't want people storing every single game they buy on their drive. When you buy a game, it's yours forever, so you can delete it, and go back and get it at any time you want. In a way, we liken it to putting music on your iPod; you listen to it for a while, and then you get tired of it, and you pull it off, and you put some new stuff on.

People pull music off their iPods? Really? I know I went out and bought a big iPod so I could just have the songs I paid for and enjoy sitting in the one, convenient spot... Q&A: The State Of Nintendo In 2007 [Gamasutra]


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