Nintendo Still Targeting The Hardcore

giantiwataface.jpgWe've heard your bitching. Your moaning, your whining, that Nintendo have forgotten all about you, the "gamer", as they chase the casual market, pants securely around their ankles. Well they haven't. Discussing Nintendo's scoop in securing Monster Hunter 3 for the Wii, boss Satoru Iwata says that the hardcore market is just as important as the old-folks-and-little-girls one:

I understand that some experts argue that our success is short-lived and temporary. So, we now need to make efforts to constantly expand the player base by offering services and titles that can appeal not only to those who have never played games but also to those who play them hard.

That latter group? That's you lot.

Japan's Nintendo wins exclusive deal for Capcom's Monster Hunter 3 title [Sharewatch, via 4CR]


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