No 60GB Value Pack, Price-Cut For Australia

40gbps3front.jpgAh. So this is why SCE Australia aren't cutting the price of the existing 60GB PS3. According to sources from specialist retailers EB Games and GAME, Sony has been anticipating the move to 40GB for quite some time, and decided that rather than leave a bunch of 60GB units on the shelf (which they would then have to price-cut or repackage into a Value Pack, ala Europe) they'd just stop sending 60GB Starter Packs to retail altogether. Explains Sony's comments yesterday as to why the retail supply had "all but dried up" - it had, because apparently they'd cut off the supply, telling those retailers that while existing orders could be filled, no new orders for the 60GB model have been taken for a little while now.

Guess we won't be seeing a Value Pack, then, and if other retailers have had their stock cut off like EB and GAME have, if you want a 60GB model with gimped backwards compatibility I'd suggest you get a move on. Because once they're gone, it's naught but 40GB.


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