No More MGS4 Trailers

Mgs4logo.jpg Every game convention, every new presser brings one thing certain: A new Metal Gear Solid 4 trailer. Since E3 2005, there's been nine of them so far. Spreading each one out over weeks and months has been key in promoting the game and making sure players keep talking about it. With the MGS 4 due out in early 2008, does that mean we'll see one last new trailer? Says Kojima Productions' Ryan Payton:

TGS 2007 could be the last trailer for MGS4. The pressure is really on to finish work on the game, and we have decided not to be sidetracked by any more promotional work.

Good. As nice as a new trailer would be, a finished MGS 4 would be, well, nicer. Payton Interview [Multi-Player Blog via PS3 Fanboy]


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