Nobi Nobi Boy Demoed At GameCity 2007

nobi_nobi_boy_demo.jpgNamco Bandai revealed Keita Takahashi's follow up to We Love Katamari earlier this year, giving us the title Nobi Nobi Boy, a handful of screen shots and some regrettable photos of execs holding what appeared to be a co-op dildo. This past weekend, Takahashi himself publicly played the game—more prototype than not, at this point—giving attendees of the Nottingham based event GameCity a taste of what to expect. So what is it? We, and maybe even Takahashi, aren't quite sure yet. The PlayStation 3 game's focus on stretching hasn't clicked as a gameplay concept yet, but it sure looks interesting.

In the best quality video of the display, unsurprisingly at Gamersyde, we're shown a controllable trio of Boys, amid scattered livestock and pets, simply bumbling about. The titular characters are shown stretched out, playing with animals, safely ingesting and passing them, floating through the air, all with a distinctive, attractive style. The game's emphasis on physics is apparent, but the objective escapes us.

I recommend taking a look at the Gamersyde hosted clip, if only for a fun personal game session of How The Hell Is This Going To Work.

Nobi Nobi Boy presentation video [Gamersyde]


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