North America Getting World Heroes Gorgeous

world_heroes_gorgeous.jpgWhen SNK Playmore announced a World Heroes compilation for the PlayStation 2 in Japan, it didn't necessarily cause a flood of tips to the Kotaku inbox. When we found out that it was dubbed World Heroes Gorgeous, however, the air raid sirens at the top of the tower whined for hours. When the internet was alerted, we were surprised to learn that, despite how you might feel about the World Heroes series of Neo Geo fighting games, everyone loves stuff that's gorgeous.

Today, thanks to a tip from Jacques, we can prove commenter Scuba Steve wrong. The World Heroes comp is coming stateside, sadly devoid of its flamboyant superlative. SNK Playmore of the US of A has added the insipidly safe World Heroes Anthology... zzzzz... to its list of upcoming projects. Sorry, SNK, but unless we're promised something fabulously sassy and brassy, we're just not interested.

In Development [SNK Playmore USA]


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