Now Selling Schoolgal Uniforms For Dudes

ogurasellingmenssize.jpg New Sega "image character" Satomi Ishihara is kinda dull. Her predecessor, space alien Yuko Ogura? Fascinating. To bring everyone up to speed, Yuko Ogura was a two-time Sega "image character" and even appeared in a Sega produced kids' show. Ogura claimed to be from an apple-shaped star called Korin, but has since shyed away from that nutty claim realizing that people don't take seriously girls who say they're aliens. Sega has since replaced Ogura with the more normal Ishihara. Still, Ogura makes perfect non-news fodder. Because remember: Once a Sega spokesperson, always a Sega spokesperson! Last time we checked in on Ogura, her image was being used as a "LIVE MASK." This time? Her likeness is being used on schoolgirl uniform costumes... For men. Ogura Article [Tokyo Times]


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