Okami Wii Confirmed

okamiwii.jpgLuke Plunkett can finally rest easy as the game that brought us the most horrific fursuit of all time has been confirmed as coming to the Nintendo Wii in 2008. Capcom has made an official announcement at their event in London, as reported by the folks at Eurogamer. This gives me a chance to finally finish the game on the system that almost seems like it was custom designed around the celestial paintbrush mechanic. Along with the painting, combat will also feature motion-controlled attacks. I hope you all enjoyed the PS2 test run - Okami is finally coming home.

Okami confirmed for Wii [Eurogamer]


    My PS2 died in the arse about a year ago and I never bothered getting a new one.. this was a game I was seriously considering buying a new one for.. oh well sorry Sony, can't wait for this on Wii, you know, when it is released in Australia sometime in 2009 no doubt.

    Must. Buy.

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