Okami Wii "Exact PS2 Port"

okamips2port.jpg So, the Wii is getting a straight up PS2 port with tacked on waggle, and that could be a really great thing or a really not-so great thing. Since Clover Studios is now kaput, studio Ready at Dawn will be handling the migration and even used Clover's original code due to time constraints. Ready at Dawn president Didier Malenfant stressed how committed he and his team are to staying true to the original. Says Malenfant:

The game on Wii is going to be an exact port of the PS2 version and I think that's what fans of the franchise want to see. This game has such a huge following throughout the world that people would probably send us death-threats if we messed it up by trying to add things that don't have their place in the Okami universe. Being huge fans of the franchise ourselves, we made sure that Capcom also wanted to stay true to the original before signing on to do this... To this day the graphics of Okami are some of the most awe-inspiring ever seen in a video-game and I know it sounds cliche but you don't want to fix something that's not broken.

We're not so concerned about Ready at Dawn's ability to port Clover code — Ready at Dawn is a very competent studio. We're worried about the controls. Malenfant assures that Okami and the Wii-mote are a "perfect combination" and feels "absolutely awesome." That's what they're really selling here, playing Okami with the Wii-mote. Is that enough to ensure a purchase? Okami Port Interview [IGN via Siliconera]


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