Okami Wii Port Rumours Return

okami_wii_again.jpgIs there yet another Capcom megaton announcement coming? Possibly if we believe French gaming site—that we've never heard of until today—Jeux Actu's report that Okami has been "confirmed on Wii." Given that news from Capcom's London Gamer's Day, including revelations that Street Fighter IV, Dark Void and a PLAYSTATION 3 port of Lost Planet were all en route, we won't blink at an announcement that Capcom is bringing Okami to the Wii.

The game has long been rumoured to come to Nintendo's platform and while Capcom's Keiji Inafune didn't outright deny the port of Clover's beautiful adventure game, no confirmation has come our way.

Reaction to the rumour hasn't been 100% positive, however. When reached for comment, Okami superfan Lunk Plunkett of Australia said "I hate the internet". Regardless of the tiring roller coaster of emotions, we thank you for your tips on the matter.

Okami confirmé sur Wii [Jeux Actu]


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