On Uncharted Sequels, DLC And PS3 Goodness

drake.jpgOpposable Thumbs sat down for tea and biscuits with Christophe Balestra, co-President of Naughty Dog, ostensibly to chat about the super-great-looking Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. And chat they did, Balestra trotting out some familiar sentiments when it comes to PS3 exclusives:

In terms of Blu-Ray, we just couldn't have made Uncharted without it; with Uncharted we have almost filled it (91 percent). We're also using the hard drive to pre-cache data from the Blu-Ray disc. That allows us to stream up to 12 streams for sound, load level data super fast and more importantly to stream textures constantly to guarantee high-res quality on the screen.

91% seems such an odd number. Why not just whack in some HD cutscenes, fill the thing, eh? Balestra also divulges a little on future plans for Uncharted, suggesting it's but the first game in a franchise, and that the game's trophy (ie achievements) system will later be incorporated into Home. Getting technical with Naughty Dog co-president Christophe Balestra [Opposable Thumbs]


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