One Console Future Is "Inevitable"

utopia.jpg Notice how so many games are going cross platform? What if you could run your PS3 games on your Xbox 360 and vice versa? That would end so many petty flame wars and futile discussions. Gamers could talk about games and not consoles. What's more, consumers could purchase hardware based on price and quality — like with DVD players. This is the monotone console future Silicon Knights' honcho Denis Dyack sees. In an article he penned for Official Xbox Magazine, Dyack lays out his vision:

Imagine a unified platform — one console for all gamers — that would bring a massive paradigm shift to the games industry, where games would become better in quality, cheaper, and more widely available. Sound good? It can happen. Better yet, it's inevitable. It will happen... A one-console future is a future I think we can't avoid - and thankfully, it's a future where everyone would win.

Why's that, Denis?

The market is also split in an unhealthy way between the major manufacturers. Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony all may have equal marketshare this generation, making it extremely difficult for third-party publishers to choose what platform to focus on.

Not that it's easy for first-party manufacturers, either. Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo have put tremendous resources into trying to make the best hardware, including spending significant amounts of money trying to get exclusive mega-titles like Grand Theft Auto on their system first.

Despite all this, it's still not enough. The economics of the proprietary models seem to point toward spending more money and receiving fewer returns with each generation, with no clear winner.

While I can see Microsoft's and Sony's consoles moving closer and closer together eventually, it's hard to imagine Nintendo buying into Dyack's paradigm. That, and I already thought we had a unified game machine — the PC. Consoles are for people who like pissing matches and heartache. Dyack's Future [CVG]


    Get me some of the crack this guy's smoking!

    how can there be a single console on the market........why would companies want to share profits with each other.....basicly if u do come out with a console wich plays all then someone will copy, nd it will all start over and be just like sony, microsoft, and nintendo.

    There is a unified platform on which you can choose which brand to purchase based on price and quality. It's called a PC. The beauty of a console is you don't need to worry about how much better your game could be run if you had spent a few more bucks, or whether or not your harware and/or OS are compatible. When you have a console you can purchase a game with 100% confidence that it will run on your console the same as it does on everyone else's. Unless it's a game on 360 that requires a HDD. Or an EA game for PS3. But you get the picture.

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