Orange Box Gets Firmish Unlock Time

waitinggame.jpgSet your clocks, sleep haters: Valve have announced just when, exactly, those of you eschewing bricks and mortar retailers in favour of a Steamy purchase of the Orange Box can get their download on. And that is... "shortly after midnight" Pacific Time, on October 10, the Year of our Lord 2007. You got that? Shortly after midnight. So if the clock hits 12:07 and you still can't download it, hold off clicking that "new thread" button for another hour or two.

Valve confirms PC Orange Box unlock time [Opposable Thumbs]


    So wait, when the bejesus is that in australia time. Since this is the .au version of Kotaku and all.

    Yeah i know i could go work it out, but last night in Tabula Rasa I had to collect some guy's 16 cat tails or whatever and now I am too tired to think.

    I promised him i would do it, what kind of person would I be if i didn't?

    @Lev Arris: Fair point. Works out to be 5PM on Oct 10 for us. Which isn't bad at all.

    Oh snap! So tomorrow after work? nice.

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