Otaku Hunters Get Jail Time

060603g01.jpg That's right, the slammer! Back in June, we reported that crime was up in Tokyo gaming nerd Mecca Akihabara. Called "otaku hunting", Akiba geeks were getting mugged. A pair of brother and sister bandits arrested for targeted Akihabara dorks will get jail time for their actions. Their ploy: The 20 year-old siblings would bump into unsuspecting nerds and extorted "apology money" with threats. A Tokyo District Court has sentenced them to over a year in prison. The judge said, "The crime was systematically taking money from Akihabara otaku. We cannot ignore the criminal liability of this." The kicker: The younger sister was jobless, but the elder brother was a college student. What was he majoring in? Why, law. Otaku Hunters Get Jail [Mainichi via Alafista]


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