Otomedius Gets Obligatory Action Figures

otomedius_action_figures.jpgKonami's arcade shooter Otomedius—taking the best of Parodius, Gradius, tiny skirts and hefty cleavage—is, unsurprisingly, a great opportunity for the company to cash in on the game's titillating space maidens. From the day it was announced, it's been clear that Konami's arcade division is marketing to the loins of Japanese otaku. That's why news of a pair of Otomedius figures doesn't come as a surprise. What does is that they don't look that good, failing to properly capitalise on the oversexed character designs that will garner the most attention.

Still, if you're into this sort of thing, they're shipping in January of next year and run 4,725 yen each. Check with your favourite importer to secure 'em.

Otomedius Action Figures [Hobby Stock]


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