Our New Favourite Microsoft Fanboy

jamzy.jpgWith Peter Moore gone, J Allard in deep cover, Jeff Bell ignoring our Facebook friend requests and the new boss so uninteresting we can't even remember his name, things aren't looking so hot for Microsoft on the personable PR front. Or...are they? This is Jamzy. Jamzy is our new favourite Microsoft fanboy. Dude runs the "360 Psycho" blog on Famitsu (he's employed by Enterbrain, not Microsoft) and is just on the right side of the nutty/too nutty divide. Yes, that is the Halo 3 logo shaved into the side of his head (he's got the 360 logo on the back, too). No, we don't know how exactly he manages to pull it off. Just that he does. It might be the horns. Or the fact he's odds-on the most hardcore fan of an irrelevant system in all of Japan, and can still get out of bed in the morning looking so enthused. Either or! Halo3 髪斬りデスマッチの全貌 [360 Psycho]


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