Over 100 Submissions For Wii Ware

giantiwataface.jpgSo the DS prints money. The Wii, it beams money. Which means the Wii Ware service, where cheap, downloadable titles can be developed with little manufacturing costs to capitalise on an already burgeoning installed base will... look, it'll make a fuckton of cash. Developers and publishers know this, from wee indie coders all the way up to Squeenix, and they've been banging on Nintendo's door to get games on the service. Satoru Iwata:

We've already received proposals for over 100 titles from software development companies. We've made a platform for developing software at low cost, and would like to offer a new business chance based around a battle of ideas.

Low costs and high returns? Savvy business model you got there, Nintendo.

Iwata Claims Over 100 Wii Ware Proposals [IGN]


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