Analyst Puts 360 First For September, Wii Second

xbox_360_npd.jpgNintendo has dominated summer NPD sales charts with its Nintendo DS and Wii platforms, but can Master Chief and his band of merry alien goofball buddies raise the Xbox 360 to September's sales throne? Based on Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter's (who?) estimates of some 450,000 Halo 3 playing devices, it's a definitely estimated "yes." It's all part of a big, big September that could indicate a 47% increase over last year. Yay for profit!

It's definitely doable, as even I am now in possession of an Xbox 360 Elite and Nintendo's recent Wii software line up doesn't feature anything remotely on par with Halo 3. Plus, I heard the Eagles got back together! Who knew?!

We'll know soon enough, as NPD software and hardware sales data is due any day now.

Wedbush forecasts 47 per cent increase []


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