Why Are SCEA Quiet On The 40GB PS3?

40front.jpgWhere the 40GB PS3 at, North America? Europe, Japan and Australia either have it or are getting it soon, so you just know you're going to follow. And by all accounts you'll be following on November 2. So where's SCEA's announcement? Nowhere, that's where.

See, the PAL territories were ready for this. Europe had already worked out a bundle deal to clear 60GB stocks, while Australia went one step further and cut off retail supply of the superceded model altogether. The US, on the other hand, has a problem. According to Michael "Once Was A Teenage Prophet" Pachter, there's still a ton of PS3s on the shelf. Which means SCEA are in a pickle! Either they hold off on introducing the 40GB model until they've sold more 60GB models, or they do what Europe did and bundle the 60 with a game and controller to get rid of the things.

Which are they going to do? I don't know. I don't have the gift like Pachter does. Lord knows if I did, I wouldn't blow it guessing about videogames, I'd be straight down the track to make me some cash money.

SCEA still silent on 40GB console for North America [GI.biz]


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