PALGN Announces Gaming Site For Kids And Parents

PALGN Announces Gaming Site For Kids And Parents

There are plenty of review, FAQ and general information sites on the web, like Kotaku AU, that serve the needs of us, the average gamer. But precious few provide a guiding hand for those less astute in the ways of the joystick.

PALGN has decided it wants to address this void in the market by launching Says David Low, Executive Editor of PALGN:

“With the launch of GamerKids, we hope to leverage our already outstanding coverage of children’s gaming content in a way that’s fun for kids and helpful for parents. With GamerKids, we have the resources and expertise to serve this until-now under-represented demographic.”

Personally, the design is a little crazy on the eyes, as is the colour scheme, but I’m sure things will improve over the coming months. Hopefully the content can stay mum and dad-friendly without being patronising. I’m assuming that’s the plan, anyway.

PALGN launches [PALGN]


  • Clever move before Christmas! If I hear another parent bought a 10-year-old a GTA game… I will, probably frown non-threateningly and say “That’s just not on.” That’s the kind of hard-ass I am.

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