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Alienware%20superman.jpg Let's forgo, for now, the argument about whether PC gaming is limping along on its last leg. While a worthy topic, It's not what's tickling my grey matter right now. Right now I'm trying to decide if it makes sense for me to buy a gaming laptop.

I've actually never owned one of these beasts, but have often looked on with not a small amount of envy at people who do. The thing is, right now I have a pretty powerful, dare I say Crysis powerful, desktop. But my laptop is a petite ultralight. A decide that I hold near and dear to my heart both because of the abuse it has withstood and because of it's obnoxiously long battery life and ability to help me file stories from anywhere, anytime.

But the more I travel the more I wish I had a laptop that allowed me to play and review games on the road. But even if I were to buy a laptop for gaming, I frankly have no idea which makes the most sense. I do know I'd like to have something that is robust and not really damn big. If such a thing exists, I'd also like a laptop that would allow me to upgrade the graphics cards. Oh, and I'd rather it not cost more than my house.

Any suggestions?


    Well I just acquired a Dell 1720 as it sports an nVidia 8600M GT which runs AOE III and UT2004 at 1920x1200 smooth as silk!

    However, Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 2142 will not start at all - both crash back to the desktop.

    I'm hoping a driver update from nVidia via Dell's support site fixes this in time.

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