Peter Jackson Still Fighting For Halo Movie

mirkin02_Weta-logo.jpgWe already told you that Halo was "entirely dead." But even after losing major partners Fox and Universal, Microsoft and Peter Jackson aren't ready to give up. According to Variety, Jackson has his highly-regarded co-founded studios Weta Digital and Weta Workshop knee-deep in preproduction. You may know them from Lord of the Rings or King Kong. Chances are that Weta's creative assets will make for one hell of a sales pitch, and besides, making a Halo movie with massive amounts of talent* seems like a no-brainer. Shouldn't Hollywood be excited? They're the ones blaming Halo for their lot in life.

*We all know I'm not a LoTR fan, but I absolutely loved Heavenly Creatures.

Halo film hope flickers [play]


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