PlatinumGames' Craptastic Name Explained!

platinumgamespage.jpg Ack! Well, lame-named Platinum Games (formerly the awesomely named "SEEDS") has posted its new homepage today. The start-up company is actually named PlatinumGames and not Platinum Games. The company seems to be in full hiring phase, and the website is wall-to-wall recruitment. Specially, the company is looking for planners, programmers, designers, sound designers and web designers. PlatinumGames is even looking for foreigners who can speak Japanese. There are messages from PlatinumGames' bigwigs Shinji Mikami (Resident Evil creator), Hideki Kamiya (Devil May Cry creator) and Atsushi Inaba (Okami producer) in which they talk about why they entered the industry and whatnot. In the "About Us" section, PlatinumGames president and former Capcom 3rd Production Studio member Tatsuya Minami explains why the ho-hum name "PlatinumGames" was chosen:

The meaning of "platinum" is that it doesn't deteriorate, and it holds its quality over time. Users won't be betrayed by the quality, which will remain high.

Deep. Minami also says PlatinumGames will be making "original" titles for a worldwide audience. Sounds reminiscent of the SEEDS manifesto, so we are expecting interesting title from them. Name still sucks, though. Click through the site, there are pictures of a PS3, so maybe they're working on a PS3 game or just playing one for fun. Who knows!

Hit the jump for a pic of Kamiya's Gundamized desk.kamiyasdesk.jpg

Squint and maybe you can see what they're working on...

PlatinumGames [Official Site]


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