Play, Choose The Most Snacktastic XBLA Contender

doritos_xbox.jpgThe finalists in the Doritos Unlock Xbox challenge have already been chosen, but now it's time to vote for the best snack-filled advergame from the lucky finalists. Five independently produced games have been given the beta treatment, Doritos Dash of Destruction, Monkeys From Mt. Doritos, Ultimate Dodgeball Champions, PB's Quest For Flavor and Rhythum [sic]Racing, and are now playable online, granted that you have some plug-in that looks like a lonely puzzle piece to Mac OSX. I'm sure they're all fine additions to the Xbox Live Arcade library, but I'm assuming one is nacho cheesier than the rest. You'll have to decide which of the five advertising vehicles is right for you.

Doritos Presents Unlock Xbox


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