Play WoW With Your 360 Controller

switchbladewow.jpgWhile World of Warcraft will never grace your Xbox 360 itself, Blue Orb's SwitchBlade program can give you a pretty good idea of how it would or would not work, allowing you to easily play WoW with a wired or wireless Xbox 360 controller. Sure you could always do this, but the SwitchBlade application makes it as easy as plug and play to explore the world of Azeroth with a controller. Mind you the default configuration is very basic, and it looks as if once you start getting into mods and plugins you'll be doing so much tweaking you might as well have mapped it yourself. I seriously doubt the 360 controller will ever be raid friendly, but the free program might be something interesting to fool around with on your secret Night Elf alt. You only made her for cyber anyway. SwitchBlade is available for free to Xfire users and will soon support other popular PC titles. Hit the jump for details.

CONSOLE GAME EXPERIEINCE NOW AVAILABLE FOR WORLD OF WARCRAFT(r) SwitchBlade(TM) Software Available for Download from Xfire(TM) Provides Easy World of Warcraft Play Via Xbox 360â„¢ Controller

MAITLAND, Fla. - October 16, 2007 - Blue Orb, Inc. today announced Switchblade, a software package designed to allow gamers to play Blizzard's massively popular World of Warcraft using an Xbox 360 controller. SwitchBlade is available today for download for free exclusively from Xfire (

SwitchBlade is an easy-to-use application that brings a fully configured game controller interface to any PC game. Once SwitchBlade is installed, it provides a console gaming experience for the gamer looking for a new way to play popular PC games. The first game supported by SwitchBlade is World of Warcraft. Preconfigured key bindings map the Xbox 360 controller buttons to the most commonly used World of Warcraft controls.

In addition to its "plug and play" pre-configured options, SwitchBlade is a highly customizable application. Experienced World of Warcraft players get extensive opportunities to reconfigure button mappings to match their unique style of play.

"We all know that World of Warcraft is popular, but a lot of gamers are just hooked on the console controller experience," said Aaron Levin, Blue Orb's Vice President of Business Development. "With SwitchBlade, they can relax on the couch with a gamepad instead of hunching over a keyboard and mouse."

"Partnering with Blue Orb enables us to offer a superior playing experience for Xfire users," said Adam Boyden, Xfire's General Manager. "We invite gamers to download the free SwitchBlade software from Xfire and experience a new way to play World of Warcraft."

Future versions of SwitchBlade will include support for a wide range of PC games, and will provide support for additional types of game controllers.

SwitchBlade is available for free download and registration from Registered SwitchBlade users receive product updates at no charge. User forums, product announcements, and contest information is available at


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