Playboy Gets Deep With the Geniuses of Play


I mentioned a week or so back that Playboy had an intriguing feature on their latest magazine that talks to a collection of game developers about some of the deeper issues involved in creating and expanding video games and play.

In the article, which is now on their mostly work-safe website, they talk to:

Kane & Lynch's Jens Peter Kurup about making games for adults and creating unlikeable characters. Clive Barker about his love of gaming and why film is fascist. Sony Worldwide Studio Prez Phil Harrison about the expense of game development and death of the disc. Harmonix Co-Founder Alex Rigopoulos about creating an army of real drummers with Rock Band. David Jaffe about the shallow game design in God of War. Tim Schafer of Double Fine Productions about the death of adventure games and the life-cycle of a critical acclaimed video game.

The monstrously long package is chock full of interesting insight into a bunch of designers who not only know their stuff, but are willing to talk frankly about the industry.

Geniuses at Play [Playboy]


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