PlayStation 3 20GB Now A Pretty Good Deal

ps3_20gb_deal.jpgIt may not have had the damning consumer re-branding of "Tard Pack", but the original entry level model of Sony's PlayStation 3 was unquestionably deemed by PlayStation fans the ugly sister to its chrome-stripped $US 599 60 GB variant. Now, the 20 GB PlayStation 3, currently in stock at retailers Gamestop/EBgames, is starting to look like a worthwhile purchase at $US 379. Featuring full backwards compatibility with PlayStation 2 titles, plus four USB ports—perfect for a complete Rock Band set up—the only thing it lacks in comparison to its slightly pricier sister model, the recently announced 40 GB version, is wireless networking out of the box and extra storage space.

With a back up PlayStation 2 tucked inside, a still running deal that will net five free Blu-ray movie discs of varying quality—Omen 666, anyone?—the 20 GB PlayStation 3 may have gone from second choice to only choice for PlayStation sticklers.

Plus, it's in classic black! No chrome strip to wipe down. Yes, I'm reaching.

UPDATE: Yep, as many of our readers have noted, looks like it's now "back ordered" at Gamestop. It might have been a good deal, if it were actually in stock.

PlayStation 3 20 GB [EBGames - thanks, Jeffrey!]


    I wish we got a good deal like that in Australia.. Grr.

    full (hardware) backwards compatibility with PlayStation 2 titles in Australia would also be nice. I'd drop wi-fi for that. Hell my ps3 doesn't even work with my wireless AP when using WPA so it wouldn't bother me.

    Will Australians every have 20gb PS3's here and what do you think the cost will be?

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