PlayStation Eye Detailed, Dated

ps_eye_coming.jpgEye of Judgement may have Crecente and Fahey going bananas, but I snoozed through my E3 hands-on with the card based game. For those puzzled by EoJ or anyone who just doesn't understand the appeal of SingStar, yet still wants to film their wacky PlayStation 3 antics, the PlayStation Eye will ship as a standalone product in just a few short weeks, right alongside the Eye of Judgement bundle. On October 23, PS3 owners can snap it up for a cheap $US 39.99, download the EyeCreate software and video edit their fool heads off.

The official PlayStation Blog provides a quick technical rundown of the microphone-equipped Eye, promising "upcoming games that integrate the Eye in really innovative ways". I'm hoping that developers take advantage of that four-microphone array and explore new PlayStation Eye gameplay concepts that go beyond what the EyeToy offered.

PlayStation Eye, A Little More Info... []


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