PlayStation Store Update: Famine

spyro_psone.jpgThe weekly update to the PlayStation Store now has an official list of fine downloadable goods that North American gamers will be enjoying, starting today. As we mentioned yesterday, video editing software EyeCreate has joined the store, giving PlayStation Eye owners the tools to create the ultimate ottoman humping video. The rest of the content is fairly meager, with only one playable title, a PSone release, Spyro the Dragon joining the ranks. It's a 341MB download and sells for $US 5.99 US. But wait, there's more... stuff that's not totally unreasonable for you to be slightly interested in!

Some add-on content for Piyotama, a free Halloween-themed skin, and the final round of Ninja Gaiden Sigma DLC has been added. The "Rachel Master" pack for Ninja Gaiden Sigma features five Rachel specific survival battles. It's just shy of three bucks. Already released content for Spider-Man 3 gets a price drop.

What else? Trailers for games Bionic Commando and Time Crisis 4, plus Hollywood fare like The Water Horse, P.S. I Love You, and Reign Over Me. A trailer for the AC/DC Live at Donington concert Blu-ray release should give hard rockers a detailed look into Angus Young's shorts.

Finally, Eye of Judgment wallpapers can now make your PlayStation 3 pretty.


    Is Spyro Coming to Asutralia PS Store?

    Anyone know?

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