Polyphony Digital Responsible for GT-R Dash Tech

08.nissan.skyline.cc.2.500.jpg At the Tokyo Auto Show, Nissan honcho Carlos Ghosn unveiled the GT-R. The car, which hits the US next Spring, features a multifunction dash display that was developed in conjunction with Gran Turismo Polyphony Digital. The display can monitor oil pressure, oil temp, engine coolant temp, transmission oil pressure, turbocharger boost pressure, throttle position, torque split, steering angle and lateral G-froce. The Polyphony Digital display can also log data that helps improve driving technique and can help with fuel economy. In other Polyphony Digital news, the GT-R has already popped up on Gran Turismo Prologue. There's more! Polyphony has also struck a deal with the BBC to offer episodes of car show Top Gear for download via Gran Turismo TV. Nice to see that the developer responsible for the "World's Most Realistic Driving Simulator" isn't kinda serious about cars, but DEAD SERIOUS about them. Warms the heart, don't it?

granturismogtr.jpg BBC Deal [Hexus, Thanks Silent_Shark!] First Look GT-R [Edmunds, Thanks Daniel!] GT-R [Famitsu]


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