Postal Celebrates 10 Years Of Debauchery

postalcollect.jpgIf you're one of those freaks who consider themselves rabid fans of the Postal series of PC games, then Running With Scissors just released your Christmas present. The Postal: 10th Anniversary Collector's Edition is total fan-services wrapped in a KrotchyO's cereal box. Containing every iteration of the first two games including expansions and a handful of fan-made mods, it is the most complete gathering of Postal badness ever. Along with the games you get the "Music To Go Postal By" tribute album, preview videos of the movie and Postal III, Postal Babe photos, comics, posters, concept art, and Postalforms, a take on Colorforms using classic weapons and characters from the series. As if that weren't enough, one copy of the collection will include a Golden Ticket to be flown out to RWS's annual Christmas party this year. I'd say don't expect Oompa-Loompas, but this is Vince Desi we're talking about.

Postal 10th Anniversary Collector's Edition Product Page [Running With Scissors]


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