Pre-orders Of The Caribbean

piratesonline.jpgDisney's Pirates of the Caribbean Online is a free MMO, and like most free MMO's, things get better when you pay. Players who subscribe to Unlimited Access for $US 9.95 a month get better ships, better quests, better PVP, better weapons, and the ability to create a guild. Now Disney is sweetening the deal by offering a pre-order bonus for players who sign up for Unlimited Access early. Those willing to donate working credit card numbers will get 1/2 off the first month of their $US 9.95 subscription, a nifty cloth map featuring pictures of very small islands and the like, and an exclusive founder's title for each of your characters that proves you were there when the game started. A relatively sweet deal, but I'm still holding out for a Haunted Mansion MMO where Eddie Murphy gives me quests.

Pirates of the Caribbean Online Pre-Order [Disney]


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