Price Drop, White 40GB PS3 Hitting Japan

ceramicwhiteandclearbalck.jpg Exactly a year after the PlayStation 3 launched in Japan, Sony Computer Entertainment is launching a 40GB PS3 in The Land of the Rising Sun on November 11th. The console will come in Clear Black (model number CECHH00) and Ceramic White (model number CECHH00 CW). There are some changes in this 40GB model: The memory card slot and the SACD reading function have been nixed — no BC. Furthermore, the USB ports have been reduced from four to two ports. Clear Black and Ceramic White SixAxis controllers will be included with their respected colour consoles. The 40GB console will retail for ¥39,980 ($ US 341). SCE is also lowering the price on the current 20GB and 60GB models by ¥5,000 ($US 43). Starting October 17th, the 20GB will retail for ¥44,980 ($US 384) and the 60GB for ¥54,980 ($US 469).



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