Pro Evo Wii Definitely Not For The Casual Gamer

pewii3.jpgThat footage of Pro Evo 2008's Wii control scheme was a little worrying. Looked a little kuh-raaaaaa-zy. Complicated, even. Turns out that's the whole point, with game producer Akiyoshi Chosogabe saying:

In the beginning I wondered if we would have to create a casual game, because the Wii is a more of a casual player's machine. But I thought it would be boring if we create it as a more casual game. Therefore in the beginning I abandoned any plans to make this a more casual version and started to look for a brand new direction.

That "new direction" is the Wii's arrow-laden control and display system. Which you're going to have to get used to, by the way, with no Classic Controller support planned for the game.

PES 2008: Wii Interview [CVG]


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