Problems Plague Crysis Demo

Problems Plague Crysis Demo

crying.jpgOnline activation is all the rage these days. Yet, despite the good intentions of publishers, things always go awry.

Tipster Brendan sends word that gamers who pre-ordered Crysis through EA’s digital download system, with the promise of receiving the demo a day before everyone else, have been disappointed. According to this post on EA’s forums, there’s a problem with both the demo’s delayed activation and authentication system:

I was actually able to install it, amazingly enough, but everytime I click “play” or try to run it from the Bin32 folder, it says “The game can not start. In order to launch this game, please login to the EA Download Manager to verify ownership, then try again.” Even though, of course, I’m already logged in. How about keeping your promise and removing that final barrier so we can actually, god forbid, play the demo that’s owed to us?

Apparently, no one has been able to play the demo.

Not that it’s a huge deal, we’ll all be able to play it in less than a day. Unless the problem hasn’t been resolved…

OFFICIAL-SP Demo ISSUE thread [EA Forums, thanks Brendan]


  • I too have the same problem with battlefield 2142 and i have tried EVERYTHING to fix and nothing works 🙁

  • Same problem with BF2142…
    The stupid thing is the game ran fine until 1.50 Beta released.

    Maybe something to do w. that??

    Updated Punkbuster…
    Ran EA Download Manager as Admin
    BF2142 as Admin
    Tried running in XP SP2 Mode (im running Vista)

    Yeah… Im hoping it just has to do w. 1.50

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