Proof Provided of Halo DS, Still Not A Real Game

mattbloghalods_1191348742.jpgIGN's Matt Casamassina couldn't take it anymore. After seeing that both our own Luke Plunkett and the mighty Wikipedia had questioned the existence of the fabled Halo DS, something snapped inside of him. Storming the halls of IGN, he hacked the company's master computer (password: kotakurulez) and uploaded assets from the game onto the web. And then, in a cocktease sure to break the hearts of fanboys everywhere, he stated:

Let's be clear. This game will never see the light of day. At the same time, the below videos prove that Halo DS wasn't a garage project by a two-man team. There were some very big names involved with this title, so it's a shame you won't get to play it.

Hit the jump for a full motion taste of what could have been while Matt shouts, "I didn't kill my wife", and dives hundreds of feet into turbulent, Haloless DS waters. Yes, there's video that looks slightly more legit.

The gameplay actually looks pretty decent. Here's hoping developers go all Doki Doki Panic and reskin the game as a Mario FPS or something.

Halo DS [ign]

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