PS3 Gets Episodic Adventure Series

ratrace.jpgNo Sam & Max, PS3 owners? No sweat. Super-Ego Games have just announced the previously-strongly-hinted-at Rat Race, an upcoming adventure game series for the PS3. On paper, it does everything Sam & Max does: it's an adventure game, it's "comedic", it will be available in episodes. Only difference I can see is that Sam & Max was, you know. Funny. And charming. The teaser released for this game back in August was not charming. Wasn't funny, either. If the earlier rumours hold true, expect there to be four episodes, with each clocking in at around 3 hours and costing you $US 5 (or $US 14 for all four). Coming Soon Exclusively to the PS3 - Rat Race [PlayStation.Blog]


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