PSN Accounts Compromised By SCEA Imposter

sawyer_scea.jpgDon't panic! Yes, according to a report from GameDaily BIZ, a pair of PlayStation Network accounts were accosted during a minor "breach of security" at Sony Computer Entertainment America. This wasn't the work of a team of nefarious hackers of the Anonymous cyber-terrorist organization, but a simple duping of a customer service employee that resulted in the release of unauthorized information to a single user.

SCEA Senior Corporate Communications Manager Kimberly Otzman told GameDaily BIZ that "In response to the incident, SCEA immediately enhanced its customer service protocol, implementing additional security safeguards, and began an intensive investigation of the incident that remains ongoing." OK. Now you can panic.

SCEA IT Imposter Gains Access to PSN User Accounts [GameDaily BIZ]


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