PSP Getting 7 Downloadable Games

NoUMD.jpgAccording to some unofficial news that's leaked, Sony will be releasing at least 7 downloadable titles through their PSP store following its launch in 2008. Said to be one-half to one-third the size of a UMD, the games will offer anywhere from 2 to 10 hours of play. According to, the titles will consist of:

...three action games, two music-based games, one racing title and a shooting game...

All titles are being developed internally, which has a lot of promise if we see the same level of creative talent on these projects as we have in PSN downloads. And apparently Sony has been pitching external development companies with the approach, "why give part of your money to a retailer?".

We just can't wait for when the PSP store can function without a PC or PS3... and it's not even open for business yet.

More details emerge on PSP PlayStation Store [gamesindustry]


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