Psst! Wanna Buy A Halo 3 Friend?

halolcat_buddies.jpgCalling all losers! Calling all losers! Your new Halo 3 friend is waiting for your PayPal funds to clear! That's right, socially awkward gamers who need an Xbox Live wingman, your future best friend is currently whoring himself out on eBay right now, promising a "lifelong gamer friendship!" to anyone willing to pony up the cash. The best part? If bidding reaches $1,500.99, he'll even throw in a signed, sealed, delivered copy of Halo 3. That's value!

Don't worry, it's all on the up and up. In fact, it's for a good cause. According to the auction, proceeds from the winning bid will go "to help raise money for the losses which a lawyer messed me over when I was entitled to a lot of money from being hit in a car accident." Harrowing, I know.

I Will Be Your X-Box Live Friend On Halo 3 [eBay via Destructoid]


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