Puzzle Quest PC Finally Released

puzzlepc.jpgDespite the release of Orange Box and Final Fantasy Tactics for the PSP yesterday, I spent the afternoon playing a game I've already completely played through on two different handhelds, and while Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords is every bit as impressive on the 360 as it was in pocket form (multiplayer impressions: knights are assholes), we mustn't forget the platform that gave us the first taste of the game. In a rather bizarre move, D3 released a PC demo of the game to help promote the DS and PSP versions. Well now seven months later those PC gamers who were viciously teased by said demo can finally pick up the full game via the GamersGate download service for $US 19.99. As one of the game's biggest fans, I nearly downloaded it myself before common sense finally kicked in.

Puzzle Quest PC Download [GamersGate]


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