Red Octane Has No Plans For Xbox 360 DDR Pads

afterburner_overhead.jpgWith Konami's second DDR game coming to Xbox 360, a lot of us have still been waiting patiently for the announcement of a better Xbox 360 dance pad—you know, a non-plastic version that won't cause us to get permanently injured and subsequently permanently need to lie about the cause of said injury. While MadCatz produces a few better-than-stock pads, you can't find metal pads anywhere. And hardcore DDR players are left unable to really enjoy the newest DDR titles on the 360.

So we asked Red Octane—formerly huge commercial supporters of DDR—if they had any plans to expand their offerings. But we got nothing but bad news:

There are no immediate plans to create new dance pads outside of the current products available.

That's a fairly broad denial, lacking the usual PR talk-around. It looks like Red Octane cares more about Guitar Hero at the moment...and that it's time for some homebrew solutions. And by "homebrew" we mean that we'll probably never play again.


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