Reggie Named Grand Marketer of the Year

brandwiik.JPG The latest issue of Brandweek names Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime the Grand Marketer of the Year, saying that the man behind Nintendo of America preached the gospel of gaming and converted moms and the elderly into Wii addicts.

The spread inside the magazine lays out in more detail why Fils-Aime got the top pick, but mostly it's all the stuff we already know: He's flamboyant, loves to smack talk and is riding the success of what Brandweek calls bottled lightning. The piece also includes quotes from both Kotaku and Joystiq as well as some Chuck Norris-esque quotes about the marketeer.

Now, what about that whole logistics problem Nintendo is having with getting their consoles onto shelves, when is that going to be solved?


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