Wiis Gathering Dust in Japan

car3.jpg Sure, the Nintendo Wii is selling well in Japan. But are people actually using it or is the console just room decor? President of Famitsu publisher Enterbrain Hirokazu Hamamura not only predicts 30 million DSes sold by 2009, but also shows figures that indicate something like 67 percent of Japanese Wii owners are not using the Wii console recently. Which probably means people bought the Wii and Wii Sports, played it until they got sick of it and have returned to their DSes. Sure, Super Mario Galaxy will have folks playing the crap out of their Wiis again. But until then? Damn, it's been a long, hard dry spell since the console launched.

Unscientific poll time: Who regularly plays their Nintendo Wii? Enterbrain President [IGN]


    not surprising..I played my Wii for about 2 months and then it just died off after that. Same with my mates that got one as well..

    Yeah i bought a wii and thought "yeah cool motion sensing!" but after buying a few games for it i realised there NOTHING worthy of your cash apart from ported gamecube games. I keep the thing around for mario and metriod(when it finally comes to australia!) and so forth but i kind of resent it all the same...

    It's the same for me, I haven't touched mine for nearly a year since completing Twilight Princess.

    Same here. Purchased a wii on launch and haven't really played it since Zelda. Same goes with about 3 other friends. Not super-psyched for Mario yet, but definitely waiting for Brawl, kinda sucks since the game doesn't even use the motion-sensing functionality of the wii. The thing that puts me off is the fact that the wii-mote isn't accurate -- the lag sucks.

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