Retailers Listing 40GB PS3, Backward Compatability Nixed

ps3_low_end.jpgMore evidence of the all-but-confirmed "low cost model" 40GB version of the PlayStation 3 has popped up in a variety of locations, with Best Buy stock listings showing the new hard disk drive equipped model packed with a copy of Spider-Man 3, the movie, on Blu-ray. It's unclear how that's an incentive. The retailer lists the in-stock date as October 28th.

In addition to Best Buy's internal documentation, European retailer Play is now soliciting interest on its website for the PS3 40GB model, aka the CECHG01. Play specifies the console as having only 2 USB ports and being incompatible with PlayStation 2 games.

No confirmation on price yet, but we're hearing talk of 449 Euro for the newest model and expect to learn more within the week.

Sony's $399 PS3 confirmed by Best Buy? [Engadget] Sony Playstation 3 PS3 Console With 40GB HDD [Play via PS3Fanboy]


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